Thailand Hotel

The hotel’s location in the hills of Koh Samui allows for stunning panoramic views of the sea. Our vision was to introduce the beach landscape into the hills, allowing guests to enjoy the best of both worlds – a lagoon-style pool and beach with commanding views enjoyed from the hills. These unique elevated pools and beaches convey the idea of a lost paradise floating above the lush landscape. The stepped terraces respond to the site’s slope and maximize the views.
A restaurant enjoys a distinct location on this extended beach-scape, stepping down to a beach bar and a series of smaller, more private bays. Meanwhile, private villas are arranged linearly across the hills to allow for uninterrupted views to the sea. Each villa uses an architectural language of folded roofs inspired by the local traditional sail boats, and features a private pool, indoor, and outdoor areas that flow seamlessly together to create the illusion of a larger space for guests to enjoy.
This unique hotel concept provides the ultimate escape, combining land and sea into a new iconic Thai resort.
Koh Samui, Thailand
Concept Design, 2017