Grace LaMargna St Moritz

Set on the high street of St Moritz – one of Europe’s top luxurious and cosmopolitan alpine resort destinations; The iconic hotel is freshly reopened after an extensive transformation involving the meticulous refurbishment of the historical hotel and a new wing extension. Originally envisioned in 1906 by Swiss architect Nicolaus Hartmann, the landmark is a symbol of Alpine craftsmanship and Engadin Art Nouveau architecture. Catering to 21st-century demands, Grace La Margna St Moritz delivers an interplay of historical and contemporary architecture. The new wing, adorned in beige Moleanos limestone, pays homage to the original façade’s beauty, and a winter terrace acts as a connecting bridge, merging the original structure with its modern extension. At the heart of the hotel’s communal spaces, a podium features the reception area, showcasing a sculptural granite monolith with a brass countertop and preserved heritage details. Designed with a sense of comfort and modern luxury, the restauration celebrates the memory and legacy of the landmark whilst introducing a contemporary voice. Catalyst moments peppered throughout the spaces spark elements of surprise and add to the timeless and sophisticated feel of the hotel. The 74 hotel rooms, spanning both historical and modern wings, collectively establish a retreat-like atmosphere, many boasting expansive views of Lake St Moritz and the Piz da la Margna.

St Moritz, Switzerland
Completed 2023
La Margna Holdings
Divercity Architects
Interior Designer
Divercity Architects with Carole Topin
Lighting Designer
Claus Brechenmacher Reiner Baumann