NOUS Santorini

The ambition for the renovation of this new resort right outside the Messaria district of Santorini is to weave the past with the present. The scope encloses the renovation of existing hotel units and the extension of additional buildings. Nous hotel has a capacity of 121 rooms and brings forth the unique narratives of the existing landscape. The resort creates an international environment of luxury and indulgence offering a wide range of activities, including a pool bar, a high-end restaurant, and a wellness center.

Borrowing from the natural morphology of Santorini’s villages, nested against the slopes, the suites are developed in different levels, divided into five plots. The typical Cycladic geometries are being reinterpreted as curvilinear gestures. This generates a dynamic landscape which is gradually revealed to the visitors as they arrive.

The color palette and materiality of the hotel are being informed by the surrounding landscape. Nous bridges together the serenity and purity of the white Cycladic palette with more earthy, red and anthracite tones from the island’s topography. Taking inspiration from Santorini’s volcanic presence, fragments of marble and terrazzo tiles create a dynamic flooring in the bar and the main staircase and convey a sense of flow. In the main restaurant, natural materials are being reinterpreted into sophisticated design elements. The bespoke suite shutters are inspired by ‘’kouloura’’, a local weaving method of folded vine branches, carefully unfolded to create semi-perforated shutters. The quality of the light and shadows, give visitors the feeling of standing underneath a grapevine canopy. In the same vein, the interplay of light and shadows in the standard rooms is enhanced by perforated walls made of brick modules.

Regarding the interior of the rooms, it overlays an assembly of terrazzo, with smoked timber cladding and lighting elements made of volcanic stones. The fabric partitions are composed of a rich earthly palette – an endless reference to the geological section of the island.

Mesaria, Santorini , Greece
Completed, 2022
Donkey Hotels and Resorts S.A. operating by YES! Hotels
Divercity Architects and MplusM Architects
Project Management
Εrmon construction company and APAX constructions
Structural Engineer
Evdokia Kakava and Christos Telionis
Services Engineer
Landscape Designer
Doxiadis +
Interior Designer
Divercity Architects and MplusM Architects
Lighting Designer
Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design
Art Curator
Nadia Argyropoulou
Acoustic Consultant
Timagenis Acoustics - Architects
Signage Consultant
Bratti Hotel Signage
Marianna Mpisti & Yiorgos Kaplanidis