NOŪS Santorini

The first resort outside of Athens by the contemporary and culture driven YES! Hotels Group has opened in Santorini. Adjoining the Messaria district, within short driving distance from
the airport, the luxury estate bridges past and present seamlessly. With a total of 121 rooms and suites, the scope includes the renovation of existing hotel units as well as the extension
of additional buildings, a restaurant and bar areas, retail spaces, a vitamin and health bar, a wellness centre which includes an outdoor & indoor pool as well as a 1000sq m. overflowing
pool at the centre of the plot, among other things. Noūs Santorini brings forth the unique qualities and narratives of the landscape, creating an international environment of modern luxury and indulgence.

Inspired by the unique colour palette of Santorini’s geological strata where shades of graphite and black blend with rich tones of earthy reds, ochre and deep brown, the materiality of the hotel’s landscape, architecture and interiors embrace colour in a bold manner. The serenity and purity of the typically off-white Cycladic palette is enhanced to create a unique and lavish guest experience. A mix of terrazzo and fragmented coloured marbles creates a playful floor in the restaurant, bar and staircases conveying pace and flow whilst bringing together the common areas. The curated art collection adorning the walls and common spaces, infuses the hotel with unexpected elements that exceed expectations.



Mesaria, Santorini , Greece
Completed, 2022
Donkey Hotels and Resorts S.A. operating by YES! Hotels
Divercity Architects and MPLUSM Architects
Project Management
Εrmon construction company and APAX constructions
Structural Engineer
Evdokia Kakava and Christos Telionis
Services Engineer
Landscape Architect
Doxiadis +
Interior Designer
Divercity Architects and MPLUSM Architects
Lighting Designer
Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design
Art Curator
Nadia Argyropoulou
Acoustic Consultant
Timagenis Acoustics - Architects
Signage Consultant
Bratti Hotel Signage
Marianna Bisti & Yiorgos Kaplanidis