The Garden Office Complex

A high end architecture under an Athenian pristine blue sky, with spaces flowing into open air terraces and courtyards dedicated to formal and informal work and meeting.

Each building is carefully positioned to benefit from the luscious forest view and the light. The forest which is preserved and the vegetation buffer, create a green veil soundproofing all the traffic and nearby noise, and they also create a natural micro-climate for the newly proposed complex.

The proposed design of the buildings façades maintains continuous and simple external boundaries facing the streets; whereas the design becomes more dynamic and rythmic with inner patios and terraces towards the inner core of the complex and the Central Plaza. The buildings terraces and roofs, as well as the arrival at the Urban Plaza, the Central Plaza, and the Forest are proposed to be populated with additional vegetation and trees in order to create a biophilic indoor and outdoor work environment, where architecture and nature are in harmony.

The proposed office building complex is organically linked to the surrounding urban fabric.



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