Panorama House

This two storey house that sits on a steep hillside at Panorama overlooking the nearby city of Thessaloniki and the gulf of Thermaikos was originally designed by the notable Greek modernist architect Dimitris Fatouros in 1963. In the 1970s an extension was built on the upper ground floor. The new owners invited us to reconfigure the house to suit their family needs and re-establish its relationship to the surrounding landscape.

Embracing the house’s original layout which is based on a system of atriums our aim was to redefine architecturally the interior spaces and re-establish connections between the spaces as well as the interior and the exterior. The exterior of the buildings adheres to the modernist style retaining its key original features.

In the atriums meticulous details such as minimal frame glazing, flush floor finishes and limited palette of materials dissolve the boundaries providing a constant dialogue between internal and external spaces while offering multiple views between the spaces. Each atrium is enhanced by different type of planting. A single olive tree in the central larger atrium makes it the heart of the house while climbing plants overhang above the smaller one create a play of shadow and light.

The materials selected were chosen to emulate a timeless interior while referencing the buildings modernist background.

Panorama, Thessaloniki, Greece
Complete, 2019
Civil Engineer
Monir Zeidan
Services Engineer
Melcon Engineering
Landscape Designer
Space Consultant
Antigoni Karabatzu
Lighting Designer
Giorgos Ioannidis
Mariana Bisti