Patra Student Housing

Τhis project calls for the renovation and re-use of an ex telecommunication centre, built in 1953 and located in the historic centre of the city of Patra, Greece. The brief sets out the design of student housing and the program’s aim is to enrich the student’s life experience with communal uses that derive from the city, such as pop up stores, art exhibitions and a café. Such uses are reminiscent of the central role that the telegraph phone centre once had in the city’s social life.

The main gesture is the intrusion of a soft “core” in the rigid building volume, which articulates the movement at each typical floor, while it acts as a filter between the public and the private spaces. At the same time it accommodates a sequence of semi-private uses such as reading areas, lounging areas, notice boards and work space.

Around this central element are located the rooms. This “core” reaches the ground floor level where it expands and defines another sequence of public uses that refer to the residents but also to their fellow students and the city.

Patra, Greece
Concept Design, 2016
Divercity Architects & Trac
Structural Engineer
George Zissimatos
Services Engineer
Dimitris Tabakas