Onassis Cultural Centre Office Building

The Onassis Cultural Centre Office Building is the creative engine that feeds the cultural life of the city of Athens and the building provides an opportunity to opt for a strategy of transparency, where the function of the building is communicated to the city rather than concealed.

The strict geometry and tectonic structure of the existing building is juxtaposed with a more organic element, referencing a forest as a source of life that enhances the building’s inhabitation and enables ideas to flourish. The facade is stripped to its basic elements, slabs and posts, before ‘bamboo’ poles are carefully choreographed to provide moments of shelter or privacy when and where needed, while providing a dynamic yet sustainable and natural approach. The growth patterns of the plants will eventually allow the building to evolve and acquire a sense of patina over time, hinting at the wealth of ideas, expanding within. The bamboo poles, in conjunction with carefully cut voids in the slabs, will increase visual connectivity between people working on different floors, bringing a sense of unity to colleagues throughout the building.


  • Architectural competition upon invitation / Onassis Cultural Centre Office Building, 1st prize
Athens, Greece
Under Construction, 2017
Ariona Hellas SA