Apartment Building in Glyfada

This apartment building is located in Glyfada, near the Athenian riviera, in a quiet residential neighborhood. It consists of a two-story residence on the ground floor and three apartments on the upper floors.

The building has been designed to make the very most of its prime location offering ample views to the surroundings and enhancing outdoor living by featuring extensive balconies that wrap around the façade. The balconies are designed as an extension of the apartments and are treated as semi-outdoor spaces that allow residents to live inside and outside, enjoying extensive views to the sea and the leafy neighborhood.

The base of the building accommodates a two storey residence with a swimming pool and a private courtyard. The façade at this level has large openings enhancing the views to the garden and allowing for a fluid interior and exterior arrangement.

The upper floors have extensive glazing and large balconies that are covered with slender sliding metal panels. These sliding panels allow residents to control the amount of sunlight entering the interior of the apartment and to screen their semi outdoor living spaces from the street. The interplay of the sliding panels and the ever-changing vertical green walls animate the elegant simplicity of the street facades.

Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Completed, 2023
Divercity Architects
Structural Engineer
Vasilis Manios
Mechanical Engineer
Landscape Designer
H. Pangalou & Associates
Lighting Designer
Eleftheria Deko & Associates Lighting Design
Acoustics Consultant
Gottfried Schubert
Construction Management/Construction
George Fakaros