Hytra Restaurant & Bar

We were invited to design the bistro & bar area of the revamped Hytra Restaurant & Bar on the 6th floor of Onassis Cultural Centre Athens, a creative hub with an emphasis on contemporary cultural expression, the support of Greek artists and the cultivation of international collaborations. It hosts events across the whole spectrum of the arts, from theatre, dance and music to the visual arts and the written word. Hytra features the Onassis Cultural Centre’s existing gourmet Michelin star restaurant and a new bistro bar with a contemporary take on traditional Greek dishes.

The brief set out the need to create a vibrant, social space that would appeal to visitors both throughout the day and after a performance. The design strategy was inspired by the distinct language of the building’s marble louvered facade at night as well as Hytra’s emphasis on locally sourced, fresh ingredients, which forms the basis of Greek cuisine. Referencing traditional Greek basket weaving and the farmer’s collection basket, the main feature of the design is a central bar with dining, around which visitors are drawn together.

Athens, Greece
Complete, 2014
Onassis Cultural Centre
Space Consultant
Sophia Vantaraki
Lighting Designer
Industrial Design Consultant
Vasilis Giannoulatos
Construction Manager
Anna Stathaki